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Together, we will create a funeral service that celebrates the lives of your loved ones in their image.


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The passing of a loved one lies amongst a list of some of the hardest things you will have to face during your lifetime. As you embark in the funeral preparations for someone dear to you, the decisions will often seem overwhelming. That is why, at the Salon Funéraire Roland Ménard Inc, our primary mission is to bring light unto a dark situation and to alleviate the pressure and responsibility of having to deal with the myriad of paperwork linked to the loss of a beloved individual. All of this is done with the utmost respect; respect towards the deceased, as well as with the family. Our personnel will know how to guide you, from beginning to end, to ensure the entire process be filled with love, healing and the celebration of life.

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Born into a family of four children, three boys and one girl, Roland Ménard, was raised in Saint-Blaise, a small town situated in the Saint-Jean county. In 1935, the family moved to Lachute, where Roland’s father, Alfred Ménard, and his wife, Georgiana Davignon, worked as bakers on the Principale street.

Between the Boulangerie Ménard’s operations and its closing, in 1951, Roland married Vivian St-Éloi, on October 28th of 1946. Meanwhile, in 1943, Roland and his brother, Jean-Bruno, founded the Salon Funéraire Ménard et Ménard, situated at 490 rue Fonderie (now on Lafleur street). Jean-Bruno eventually sold his shares, in 1951. A few years later, in 1958, Roland Ménard moved the business to a new location. 

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