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The beginnings

Born into a family of four children, three boys and one girl, Roland Ménard, was raised in Saint-Blaise, a small town situated in the Saint-Jean county. In 1935, the family moved to Lachute, where Roland’s father, Alfred Ménard, and his wife, Georgiana Davignon, worked as bakers on the Principale street.

Between the Boulangerie Ménard’s operations and its closing, in 1951, Roland married Vivian St-Éloi, on October 28th of 1946. Meanwhile, in 1943, Roland and his brother, Jean-Bruno, founded the Salon Funéraire Ménard et Ménard, situated at 490 rue Fonderie (now on Lafleur street). Jean-Bruno eventually sold his shares, in 1951. A few years later, in 1958, Roland Ménard moved the business to a new location. 

The Salon Roland Ménard

President of Lachute’s Club Richelieu in 1969, a club that he particularly enjoyed, and member of the Conseil 2752 of the Chevalier de Colomb de l’endroit Order, Roland Ménard was highly liked by his entourage and countless friends, especially for his joie de vivre, his interpersonal skills and his good mood.

On June 14, 1973, at the mere age of 52, Roland Ménard passed away. Since, his son, Philip, took over the business. Roland, a pioneer, would have made a positive impact on his community. Still today, the name Ménard is alive and well, and resides at the centre of the Lachute family.

Text taken from: The Souvenirs Québécois albums, Ville de Lachute, 1885-1985, page 211.

Today, various members of the Ménard family have had a hand in the enterprise. Three generations have worked in the family business. Roslyn, Louis-Philip and Alexan Ménard, now contribute to the continuation of the company’s values, all the while bringing forth a vision of the future.

« We are proud to support and help the families of Argenteuil County and surroundings with dignity and compassion »


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