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Our goal

Our main goal is that we wish to provide you with the most respectful, calm and serene service. We want to offer you a significant funeral experience to ensure that you say your farewells to your loved ones in the most personal and authentic way possible.

Our mission

Message from Alexann...

My greatest wish is that we can succeed in bringing more sacredness into our funeral ceremonies. For me, the word ceremony means: taking the time to celebrate the sacred. Everything in our lives can be interpreted as sacred, but the ceremony has the function of reminding us of this in a specific time and space. When a family wishes to highlight not only the departure but also the entire life of a deceased loved one, we come to highlight the sacred history of this person. Whether by meeting, exchanging, listening, testifying and more...

The funeral ritual changes and seems to become more and more individualized. It is therefore important that together we ask ourselves the right questions in order to create meaningful and powerful moments for you. Our funeral ceremonies must reflect the lives of your loved ones but also your lives so that everything is connected and unforgettable moments ensue.

We are always on the lookout for new eco-responsible souvenir products, ask our team about new possibilities.

« We are proud to support and help the families of Argenteuil County with dignity and compassion »


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