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Prior arrangements:

Prior arrangements are governed by the law on the prior arrangements for funeral and burial services. This law, in effect since March 1, 1988, is administered by the Office of Consumer Protection.

What are the prior funeral arrangements? 
The prior funeral arrangements are a convention between you and your funeral home stating that you will be dealing with the funeral details yourself. You decide, in advance, on the goods and services that will be offered at the time of your death. Moreover, the sums invested will be deposited into a trust.

What are the advantages of prior funeral arrangements? 

  • Alleviate the stress level of your family and loved ones.
  • Eliminate the effects of inflation and the rising cost of living.
  • Ensure that your family receives the exact same quality on the goods and ser-vices you paid for.    

How can prior arrangements reduce the concerns of my family and loved ones?
It takes the pressure off of your family to have to interpret your final wishes, or to make fast and difficult decisions under emotional turmoil. It eliminates the financial costs that your family and beloved friends would have to overtake.

After signing your contract, the Salon Roland Ménard Inc team will be held responsible to send a copy of said agreement to the designated third party of your choosing. This will allow, at least one person from your entourage to know your wishes. You are also allowed to choose to not designate a third party. If that is the case, you will be required to sign a clause on your contract stating your refusal to select an estate manager.

Is my money protected?

Yes. The sums will be deposited into a trust. The funeral home will retain 10% of the total amount in order to cover the administrative and sale fees. The financial institution will directly inform the signatory of the reception of the funds to guarantee that the money be deposited into the trust.

When is it preferable to make prior funeral arrangements?

There is no preferred age to make prior funeral arrangements.

But, for the following reasons, it is preferable to proceed to such an arrangement around the age of your retirement:

  • Your personal tastes will be more clearly defined.
  • The moves in and out of the region will be less frequent.
  • The monetary needs will decrease.

It is also possible to prepare the prior funeral arrangements for a person with an incurable disease, no matter the person’s age.


Text taken from the Thanatologist Corporation of Québec

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